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White Orchid Med Spa

Celebrate Your Youth

At White Orchid Med Spa, we are constantly adapting to the latest treatments on the market that are tested and proven to provide the most effective results and require minimal downtime for our clients. When it comes to skin care and the connection between healthy living and our client’s quality of life, our Med Spa offers personalized advice that will help each individual achieve the perfect balance. When we have our health, we have everything... but when we have healthy beautiful skin, we can take on the world with confidence and grace.

Skin Care & Other Services

Skin Care

Achieve your skin goals and feel rejuvenated with our high-quality and effective custom skincare solutions.

Other Services

Complete your beauty routine with manicures, hair services, waxing, and MORE!

Sloane Hunter | Multiple Services

"I highly recommend Melissa and her spa for all the services she does."

She does so many different services that I don't even see in the much bigger spas that I have visited all across the country. She has such a positive attitude and is always on top of the most current procedures. She is very well priced with her services as well. She truly stays on top of the newest things out. A trip to her spa is a treat and you come out like a new person. She is very fast, also, and she manages your time with her to the utmost. We are very very lucky to have her in our area.

Mary Catherine Hawkins | Multiple Services

"Melissa is the best!!"

No one I trust more to take care of my face. Always wants to make sure you are happy and pleased with the results. Highly recommend her to everyone!!